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Innovation and Electronic Health Records: Can They Get Along?
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Steve Hess, UCHealth Chief Information Officer, University of Colorado Health

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are fundamental and necessary for any successful health system. They generate orders and aggregate and trend results; they assemble nursing and provider notes that encompass the patient story within and...

Anxiously Awaiting the Promise of Cognitive Computing
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Scott Arnold, SVP & CIO, Tampa General Hospital

Healthcare IT has worked itself through a range of ideas, concepts, fads, and buzzwords with mixed success in recent history. Some of the efforts are legitimate with genuine results(a tip of the hat to those claiming achievement), but...

Don't Give Up on Electronic Health Records Yet!
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Adrian Zai, Clinical Director, Population Informatics, Laboratory of Computer Science, Massachusetts General Hospital

In recent years, electronic health records (EHRs) have taken a beating. Clinicians have criticized them for being overly complicated to use, while IT vendors have complained about their lack of interoperability. When fee-for-service was in full...

How is Automation Driving Clinical Trials Development?
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Testing future medicines is a slow, costly, and manual method, and artificial intelligence has the ability to interfere with each phase of the clinical trial phase.  FREMONT, CA: The pharmaceutical industry is actively starting to...

Let's Keep Sounding off: Why Being a Broken Record About EHR Standards Ensures Innovation in Healthcare
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Marc F. Probst, VP & CIO, Intermountain Healthcare

Since arriving at Intermountain Healthcare 14 years ago, I’ve seen, learned, and experienced the importance of standards in healthcare information technology (HIT). I’ve become convinced that we are wastefully spending billions and...

SOTU: The Internet of (Medical) Things in Health Care
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John Gresham, VP & GM, DeviceWorks and Interoperability, Cerner

What Is IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of internet-connected physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software and sensors that are connected, enabling it to collect and exchange information. As a leader in EHR...

Multicloud Solution Making its Way to the Healthcare Institutions
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Healthcare companies are turning to the multi-cloud solution to avoid the risk of data storing in the local servers and manage workloads. FREMONT, CA:  The healthcare industry is evolving at a rapid speed. The emergence of new clinical...

5 Challenges Faced During EHR Implementation and their Solutions
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Healthcare organizations are adopting EHR systems all around the world, often without realizing the challenges post-implementation. FREMONT, CA – Over the last few years, almost every healthcare organization has implemented electronic...

Technological Trends Revolutionizing Digital Healthcare
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The internet of things (IoT) has led to digitalization of clinical workplaces, introducing automation and cloud into the medical sector. FREMONT, CA – In the early nineties, several organizations blazed the trail toward modernization by...

At Last, New Tools Available to Improve EHR Systems for Population Health Management
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Edward Clarke, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Arizona Care Network

It has been a long and winding road through healthcare’s digital transformation. This is particularly true when it comes to electronic health records. A lot has happened since the first EHR system was introduced in 1972. In 2004, citing...

The Evolving Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare
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Jerry Power, Executive Director, Institute for Communications Technology Management, University of Southern California

The healthcare industry is approaching another technology cross-road. As technology continues to get smaller, cheaper and faster, the standard practice has become to make devices, tools, and just about anything else “intelligent”. At...

Why AI is the New Frontier in Healthcare?
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Simon Lin, MD, MBA, Research CIO, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

As shown on the cover page of the June 2017 issue of Newsweek, the Silicon Valley thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cure our sick health care system. Really? As a CIO and MD scientist, I see hypes as well as hopes. AI is becoming the new...

Improving Patient Outcomes with AI
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Clinical variation management is vital in improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs and handling financial risks. Its large scale application could address the enormous cost spent on procedures that don’t improve patient...

Healthcare Transformation and our Journey to a New World
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Tim Tindle, EVP & CIO, Harris Health System

Background As the safety net health system supporting Harris County, Texas, Harris Health System has provided essential medical services to the underserved of its community for more than 50 years. Harris County is the third most populous...

Human Expertise at Disposal to Ascertain Which Discoveries In AI & ML are Worthy
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It has been well established that, even with the advent of Electronic Health Records (EHR), today physicians spend their most of the time on administrative tasks, mainly documentation. Emergency department physicians actually spend 43 percent...

Digitization of Healthcare
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Mony Weschler, CIO, InnovaCare Health

Healthcare organizations worldwide are facing increasing pressure to modernize their systems alongside the evolving technologies. The advancements in healthcare technology have shaped the way we communicate, store data, and conduct business....

Three Healthcare Technology Trends in 2019
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There are numerous verticals in the healthcare industry, and each one of them views artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AI), and blockchain through a different lens. Business leaders must analyze some of the key challenges faced and...

Evolving Technologies in Health Data Governance and Patient Identity Management
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The use of big data by healthcare continues to mature; the more sophisticated marketing of other sectors is being followed often. This maturity is based on the recognition by the health leaders that the information needs to be broadened and...

Data Security in Healthcare
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Mark Eggleston, VP, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Health Partners Plans

1. What are the current market trends you see shaping the Healthcare InfoSec Space? The shortage of information security professionals is prevalent. While many CISOs are working on implementing creative solutions to ensure more folks think...

Blockchain as Panacea to Healthcare Pitfalls
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Advancements in the healthcare sector have a clear and direct impact on the patients and their health. Keeping the same in mind developers stride towards embedding new technologies in health tech which will improve clinical operations, patient...
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