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Why Pharmaceutical Companies have Increased their Investment in RegTech?
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RegTech provides exclusive opportunities to organizations that are looking for creative methods to reduce their compliance budgets while meeting the directives of governing agencies. FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, there has been an...

How Can CIOs Leverage Digitalization to Enhance Drug Development?
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The CIOs have a crucial role to play in establishing the right technology to specific pharmaceutical processes and improving the overall productivity of the organization. FREMONT, CA:  The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a...

Technology + Compliance = Improved Models of Care in Life Science Services
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Bhaskar Sambasivan, President, Patient Services & Chief Strategy Officer, EVERSANA

Compliance is a broad and extremely important area in almost every industry and more so in life sciences as it directly and indirectly impacts patient lives. Because the life science industry is continuously evolving, we are challenged to...

The Drivers of Precision Health
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Advanced analysis of genomic sequencing, AI, and performance payments are integrated with electronic medical records and other data sets, which are helping the researchers and doctors in providing precision health. FREMONT, CA: Molecular...

Machine Learning can Optimize Several Stages of Drug Discovery
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Researchers and scientists are leveraging the opportunities provided by machine learning (ML) to gain significant advances in drug discovery and development processes. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is providing a technological edge...

How to Address AI Bias for the Disabled?
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AI Technology can be highly effective for the proper representation of the outliers in society. However, the data sets must be refined for the AI-systems, which will require active manual effort in the direction. FREMONT,...

Know How Sparse Data AI Augments Pharmaceutical Processes
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The implementation of sparse data AI bolsters the experimental results and provides accurate predictions regarding the behavior of molecules under specific conditions. FREMONT, CA – The transition toward value-based healthcare has spurred...

AI Wearable to Impact Neurological Disorder Research
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Artificial intelligence (AI), the technology of tomorrow has already started to show it affects in today’s era. This booming technology is stretching its arms dynamically and making a huge impact on every sector. One such impact can be...

Recasting Clinical Development with AI-Informed Virtual Assistants
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FREMONT, CA: Voice Assistants are more like digital assistants that use natural language processing, voice recognition, speech synthesis, and more to provide aid to users through phones and voice recognition applications. The affordability and...

AI-Educated Virtual Assistants are Altering Clinical Development
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FREMONT, CA: The age of modern drug discovery and development perhaps began with the breakthrough discoveries of insulin and penicillin. Since the last century, and especially from the 1950s, medical growth has proceeded at breakneck momentum,...

AI to Play a More Smarter Role in Rejuvenating Doctor-Patient Relationship
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FREMONT, CA: Fourth industrial revolution revamps the arena of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This pace of innovation has brought about medical marvels that enhance medical care and save lives. New techniques have proved to be profoundly disrupting...

Transformation of Health Data into Clinical Intelligence
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FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been instrumental in optimizing healthcare industry. Creating a trend in technology, medical sector is finding out better and more advanced ways to leverage the cutting-edge technology to reshape the...

Optimizing the Healthcare Practices with Smart AI Applications
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FREMONT, CA: Many countries of the world today understand the importance of investing in healthcare systems. Artificial Intelligence as technology has benefitted a host of industries including retail, telecom, customer services, transportation, as...

AI in Pharmaceutical Drug Development
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A significantly faster, and low expensive drug discovery process with lower risk and more effective results are the prioritized targets for many pharmaceutical companies. A major revolution in digital technology augmented the natural capabilities...

Why AI is the New Frontier in Healthcare?
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Simon Lin, MD, MBA, Research CIO, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

As shown on the cover page of the June 2017 issue of Newsweek, the Silicon Valley thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cure our sick health care system. Really? As a CIO and MD scientist, I see hypes as well as hopes. AI is becoming the new...

Five ways Artificial Intelligence can Drive Efficiency and Empower People in Healthcare
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Ben Newton, Chief Digital Officer, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

It’s time to stop tiptoeing around applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the development and manufacturing of therapeutic drugs. If we use this tool carefully and thoughtfully, we will bring benefits to researchers, clinicians, and...

Drug Discovery: Significance of Artificial Intelligence
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Drug discovery is a challenging vertical in the healthcare industry as the researchers face slim odds while trying to convert a molecule into a medicine. Most studies put the success rate for drug discovery as below average as the chances for...

Artificial Intelligence Accelerating Drug Development Process
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been evolved into a red hot topic in the area of the medical care industry. The biopharmaceutical sector is making efforts to leverage AI to enhance drug discovery and development process and reduce...

AI Models Enhance Decision-Making Process in Drug Discovery
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Biopharmaceutical industries are making efforts to utilize AI to enhance the process of drug discovery, reduce expenses for research and development, decrease failure rates in clinical trials, and ultimately generate superior drugs. Immense...

AI plays a significant role in various areas of healthcare
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The healthcare industry is the area, where artificial intelligence is having a huge impact. It is estimated that spending on AI-based tools in healthcare may exceed $8 billion annually across various healthcare areas. Here are those...
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